Traveler’s Guide for Exiting a Plane during an Emergency

When it comes to a plane emergency, it’s your life that is at stake. A lightning can strike and necessitate emergency landing. A plane can also catch fire and require passengers to evacuate. Knowing how to exit the plane during such situations can be the reason you will survive. Dr. Coto, a traveling blogger and expert dental surgeon of Dental Coto out in Costa Rica, essentially shared with us that you should know what you should do and what you need to avoid. 

Bags Are Not Worth It 

If you are required to exit the plane urgently, don’t think about your personal items and bags. Leave them behind and exit immediately. Your life is worth way more than your luggage. In most cases, you will be given minutes or seconds to leave the plane. As such, you might not have time to grab personal items or luggage. In fact, you will delay evacuation if you start opening the overhead compartment. This will put your life and lives of others at risk. 

Know What to Do 

You may know onboard safety standards but there are things you should do when exiting the plane during an emergency. These include the following: 

  • Look- Locate an emergency exit near you when taking a seat to know the way to go. 
  • Listen- It’s important that you pay attention to the instructions provided by the flight attendants. Follow them carefully when exiting bearing in mind the fact that they have been trained to handle emergencies. 
  • Do only what’s important- Don’t struggle to get your baggage and put others at risk. Human well-being and life are important than everything else. Therefore, do only what’s good for you and other passengers because you can replace your possessions. 

The most important thing during an airplane emergency is human life. Therefore, focus on ensuring that you exit the plane safely and quickly without doing anything that can put the lives of other passengers at risk. 

The All Time Best Travel Tips

When traveling, you should be armed with information that enables you to make the right decisions. Here are the all-time best travel tips that will help you make the right travel decisions.

Best Flight Booking Days

Tuesday afternoon is the best flight booking day. However, this can vary from one month to another. For instance, weekends can be the best days to book flights in October. That’s because leisure travelers do not ten to buy tickets over the weekends in October.

How Far Out Should You Book a Flight?

In North America, travelers should buy flights 57 days before they fly to save money. However, in other places you should book around 160 days out. In others, book 176 days in advance. Again, this depends on where and when you intend to travel. Therefore, take time to conduct some research on this.

Booking a Cruise

Thursdays are the best days to book your cruise. That’s because prices tend to be low at this time. Wednesday on the other hand is the priciest time to book your cruise.

Getting Through the Airport Lines Faster

TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry will give you a traveler membership. This means your screening in the U.S airport security lines will be expedited. Essentially, your toiletries and laptop won’t leave your carry-on, your shoes will stay on, and your dignity too will remain intact.

Get Flight Deals

There are websites that you can use to get the best flight deals. Check them out every time you decide to travel. Compare different flight deals using these websites to make an informed booking decision.

Use the Best Travelers Credit Cards

There are credit cards that do not charge travelers exorbitant fees. Get such credit cards to make your travels more affordable.

In addition to these tips, get the best traveler apps in your devices. These will guide you and provide the information you need to make the right decisions when traveling.…

Packing for Weekend Travel – What to Think About

Packing for Weekend Travel – What to Think About

Weekend travel is not an exact science. You don’t have to spend hours thinking about what to pack when going on a weekend trip. But, you shouldn’t bring a pair of jeans and two dresses only. What you pack should depend on the weather and personal lifestyle. Nevertheless, there are things that you should think about when packing for weekend travel.

Keep Calm

If you get overexcited because you are going on a weekend trip, you will easily forget to pack important items. It’s particularly important that you remember to pack the credit card, passport and medications that you may need during your weekend travel. Whether you will be driving or flying, keep calm to ensure that you pack everything important for the weekend trip.

Remember Accessories

Pack fabulous accessories collection to make your weekend travel amazing. For instance, pack dresses with awesome decorations and a long necklace. Also pack high-heeled boots and a scarf. Accessories like bracelets should also not be left behind. You are traveling on a weekend so make sure that you look your best everywhere you go.

Flight Outfits

When taking multiple flights, consider wearing similar outfits for two or more flights. Pay attention when packing your plane outfit because careful packing will enable you to conserve carry-on space. For instance, you can wear heavy items like big boots and winter coats during the flight. Remember that planes tend to be chilly sometimes. Therefore, layer tour clothing while flying.

Pack Light

This is always a rule for travel packing. Don’t weigh yourself down with your checked luggage. Make leaving unnecessary books behind when going on a weekend trip. Basically, you will most likely not have the time to read books when traveling on a weekend. If you want to read, you can buy magazines or even do it online.

Follow these tips when packing for weekend travel to make your weekend getaway seamless!

Proven Fun Ways to Be Paid to Travel

Proven Fun Ways to Be Paid to Travel

Travel, new experiences, and adventure are the things that you can’t get enough of. Maybe you want to din in one of the finest restaurants. You may yearn to travel the world backpack-style. Regardless of what you prefer, there are fun, easy and profitable ways via which you can make your trip a real adventure. A fellow travel blogger that talks a lot about his business GT Roofing San Antonio once shared some of his best and fun ways to be paid to travel he shared with me.

Travel Writing

This may not require previous experience in writing. You just need to be passionate about traveling and writing. It’s an opportunity that is open to every traveler regardless of their lifestyle, age, or background. It can be a part-time job that does not require commitment. Nevertheless, travel writing will enhance your life quality because it will afford you upgraded and reduced-rate VIP travel.

Selling Travel Photos

You can get paid to take photos while traveling and selling them. All you need is passion for traveling and taking photos. You can start with some of the photos that you took during your previous trip. It’s easy to start and with little research, you will be making money traveling and taking photos that you sell at the end of your trip.


This is something that you can do from any part of the globe. You just need to be a good writer with internet connection. Share your travel experience with other people while traveling. Some companies my offer you free travel gear and trips once they find you. What’s more, you don’t have to find these companies. They will find you online.


You can set up an online business for exporting and importing products. You can set it up from the comfort of your home then run it from any part of the world. It’s ideal for business minded individuals. It may need some know-how to start and run. However, it has huge payouts in some cases.

Creating Tours

This provides a great way to be paid to travel as you make new friends. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Therefore, this is the right time to get started.

If you are looking for the best ways to be paid to travel, try these out to have fun as you explore the world profitably.