Tips for Traveling with a Cat or dog

Tips for Traveling with a Cat

Although cats are not often very keen on traveling, taking them on trips could be a unique adventure for both of you. From a recent post by Melissa Sims, who runs a Houston appliance repair business out in Texas told us in a recent post that in her humble opinion, cats can still make great travel companions. However, there are a few hurdles that you may experience and, it is important to know how to effectively address them without ruining the trip. The following are important tips for traveling with a cat that you should keep in mind. 

Check the Health of the Cat

The fact that your cat is playful, lively and seems all good at home does not guarantee that they are fit to travel. Besides, super anxious cats can also be very exhausting when traveling. For such cats that are hyperactive, you may want to check with a vet for sedatives before the trip. 

Depending on the health of the cat and destination, the vet might recommend medications. Generally, consulting with a vet about the fitness of the cat for travel is critical to safe and stress-free trips. 

Confirm Airline Regulations 

If your cat is safe to fly, you should also check with the airline to know their regulations beforehand. Most flights will allow you to crate the cat under your seat but, some also restrict cats and other pets to luggage or cargo hold. If you can travel with the cat in the cabin, find out the measurements of the space under the seat to know the ideal size of the crate. You should also ask the airline about any paperwork that may be required for flying with a cat. 

Get a Comfortable and Safe Crate 

Having a comfortable crate to house the cat while in transit will help calm their nerves and keep them in place. A good crate should be spacious enough to allow the cat to stand up, stretch and move its body without any restraint. Lay soft padding at the bottom of the crate. For better comfort, it is advisable to use the cat’s favorite blanket or place its toy and some snacks in the crate to give the feeling of home. The crate should also be secured to the seat for the safety of the cat in case of an accident. 

Exercise Safety Precautions 

Apart from the crate, it is also advisable that you prepare some form of ID for the cat before the trip. The ID should bear your name, address, and contacts and, worn around the neck of the cat. If you have to let the cat loose, do not take your eyes off it. 

Traveling with a cat can be stressful but, also fun if you take time to prepare well for the trip. The above tips will help you in making the best preparations for a nice and fun trip with your cat. 

How to Make Traveling Easier on the Body

Traveling can be both restorative and invigorating. However, it can also be debilitating and grueling. The rigors of stuffing across time zones and oceans, as well as hauling yourself, can be hard on the body. Essentially, traveling can be challenging, especially for physically challenged and aged travelers. Luckily, several strategies can make traveling easier on the body. Here are tips that will make traveling easier on your body. 

Invest in the Right Gear 

When you invest in the right gear, you ensure your physical comfort when traveling. Examples of the travel gear to invest in include compression socks to enhance proper circulation, a travel bag for carrying luggage, and medication or supplements. It’s important to plan your trip and invest in the things you need to enhance your comfort when traveling. 

Grab the Best Seat 

Choose a comfortable seat if you have money to invest or going on a long flight. In some cases, you might not afford a lie-flat seat. Nevertheless, you can pay extra dollars to avoid a middle seat. In some cases, you just need a few dollars to get a seat with extra legroom. 

It’s wise to avoid basic economy fare because upgrading or changing a seat can be impossible or prohibitively expensive. Additionally, avoid early flights, tight connections, and challenging itineraries. 

Take a Cab 

Dragging bags, driving to and from the airport, as well as, finding parking can take a toll on your body. Things get challenging when traveling through crowded places. To avoid this, take a cab. That way, you will have somebody to drive you and drag your bags at the airport. 

Eat Carefully 

Changing your diet at once when traveling can affect your digestive system negatively. Some people find fun from sampling different flavors. However, it might be wise to start the trip with foods that your body is familiar with. Don’t start the flight when you already have stomach issues. 

Leave Early 

When you leave your hotel room or house early, you avoid sprinting through the airport. You also avoid having the carry-on crammed at the feat when the overhead bin space gets full.

Regardless of your travel destination, following these tips will make traveling easier on your body. Follow them to make your next trip amazing. 

Traveler’s Guide for Exiting a Plane during an Emergency

When it comes to a plane emergency, it’s your life that is at stake. A lightning can strike and necessitate emergency landing. A plane can also catch fire and require passengers to evacuate. Knowing how to exit the plane during such situations can be the reason you will survive. Dr. Coto, a traveling blogger and expert dental surgeon of Dental Coto out in Costa Rica, essentially shared with us that you should know what you should do and what you need to avoid. 

Bags Are Not Worth It 

If you are required to exit the plane urgently, don’t think about your personal items and bags. Leave them behind and exit immediately. Your life is worth way more than your luggage. In most cases, you will be given minutes or seconds to leave the plane. As such, you might not have time to grab personal items or luggage. In fact, you will delay evacuation if you start opening the overhead compartment. This will put your life and lives of others at risk. 

Know What to Do 

You may know onboard safety standards but there are things you should do when exiting the plane during an emergency. These include the following: 

  • Look- Locate an emergency exit near you when taking a seat to know the way to go. 
  • Listen- It’s important that you pay attention to the instructions provided by the flight attendants. Follow them carefully when exiting bearing in mind the fact that they have been trained to handle emergencies. 
  • Do only what’s important- Don’t struggle to get your baggage and put others at risk. Human well-being and life are important than everything else. Therefore, do only what’s good for you and other passengers because you can replace your possessions. 

The most important thing during an airplane emergency is human life. Therefore, focus on ensuring that you exit the plane safely and quickly without doing anything that can put the lives of other passengers at risk. 

The All Time Best Travel Tips

When traveling, you should be armed with information that enables you to make the right decisions. Here are the all-time best travel tips that will help you make the right travel decisions.

Best Flight Booking Days

Tuesday afternoon is the best flight booking day. However, this can vary from one month to another. For instance, weekends can be the best days to book flights in October. That’s because leisure travelers do not ten to buy tickets over the weekends in October.

How Far Out Should You Book a Flight?

In North America, travelers should buy flights 57 days before they fly to save money. However, in other places you should book around 160 days out. In others, book 176 days in advance. Again, this depends on where and when you intend to travel. Therefore, take time to conduct some research on this.

Booking a Cruise

Thursdays are the best days to book your cruise. That’s because prices tend to be low at this time. Wednesday on the other hand is the priciest time to book your cruise.

Getting Through the Airport Lines Faster

TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry will give you a traveler membership. This means your screening in the U.S airport security lines will be expedited. Essentially, your toiletries and laptop won’t leave your carry-on, your shoes will stay on, and your dignity too will remain intact.

Get Flight Deals

There are websites that you can use to get the best flight deals. Check them out every time you decide to travel. Compare different flight deals using these websites to make an informed booking decision.

Use the Best Travelers Credit Cards

There are credit cards that do not charge travelers exorbitant fees. Get such credit cards to make your travels more affordable.

In addition to these tips, get the best traveler apps in your devices. These will guide you and provide the information you need to make the right decisions when traveling.…