Practical Tips for Traveling with Bitcoin

Most likely, you are aware of Bitcoin, but how do you use it while traveling? Traveling with Bitcoin is fun and convenient because it is easier to transact without carrying around hard cash. However, as a Bitcoin user, you will have a lot of transactions to do while traveling. Below are some practical tips for each Bitcoin holder to consider while traveling.

Use Online Resources to Find Bitcoin-Friendly Cities

If you plan to travel and use Bitcoin as your primary currency of trade, try using other resources such as Coin Map, which lists all Bitcoin-accepting venues in the world. It would be a bummer to book that much-deserved trip to Beijing only to discover that cryptocurrency is illegal there.

Book Your Tickets With Companies That Accept Bitcoin.

Remember, not all the major airlines have adopted the use of Bitcoin as a form of currency. So you need to check with the airline first if they accept Bitcoin willingly. Some recommended Airline booking sites such as Cheap Air buy Crypto.

Check Out For Crypto Meetups 

Check out the Bitcoin community in your destinations. It is always a great experience to meet up and have coffee with fellow Bitcoin users in a new city and bounce off ideas that could be life-changing!

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your Bitcoins at all costs, and using two-factor authentication will safeguard your digital currency as you travel. Activating the 2FA feature on your Bitcoin wallet is essential because it prevents unauthorized access. Also, activate this feature on your other online accounts, such as emails, banking, and social media.

Getting a Hardware Wallet for Your Bitcoins 

Consider using a good hardware wallet if you plan to utilize Bitcoin only as a traveler. This crypto wallet is primarily offline, meaning hackers can’t hack it. Thus, a hardware wallet offers better protection for your Bitcoins.

Parting Shot 

As the growth of Crypto and blockchain technology increases, it makes sense to want to spend Bitcoin on the road. Whether you plan to go on a quick business trip or visit various countries for leisure, consider the above practical tips to make your trip a success.