Escargot Kart User Manual v1.0

Game Settings

Access the settings menu by selecting the wrench icon followed by the gears icon.

On - All sounds enabled. (Default)
Off - Mute all sounds.

Graphics Quality:
Low - Disable shadows, low level of detail. Battery saver. (Default)
Med - Minimum shadows, medium level of detail.
High - Extended shadows, high level of detail.

Control Type:
Basic - Best for large touchscreens.
Precision - Best for small touchscreens.(Default)

Touchscreen Steering Options

Basic steering has a horizontal steering thumpad on the left and gas and break buttons on the right. We find this option to be the best for large touchscreens. Precision steering has two vertical steering thumpads and drives like a tank. We find this option to be the best for small touchscreens.

Equipment Buttons

Rockets give you a speed boost. Parachutes help you land. Springs allow you to jump.


Use the back button to return to the previous screen. Use the quick restart button to reset any level.

This game was created by Chance and Brendan of Caps Lock Solutions. If you have any comments or feedback, we would love to hear from you at

Escargot Kart © 2015-2016 Caps Lock Solutions