Traveler’s Guide for Exiting a Plane during an Emergency

When it comes to a plane emergency, it’s your life that is at stake. A lightning can strike and necessitate emergency landing. A plane can also catch fire and require passengers to evacuate. Knowing how to exit the plane during such situations can be the reason you will survive. Dr. Coto, a traveling blogger and expert dental surgeon of Dental Coto out in Costa Rica, essentially shared with us that you should know what you should do and what you need to avoid. 

Bags Are Not Worth It 

If you are required to exit the plane urgently, don’t think about your personal items and bags. Leave them behind and exit immediately. Your life is worth way more than your luggage. In most cases, you will be given minutes or seconds to leave the plane. As such, you might not have time to grab personal items or luggage. In fact, you will delay evacuation if you start opening the overhead compartment. This will put your life and lives of others at risk. 

Know What to Do 

You may know onboard safety standards but there are things you should do when exiting the plane during an emergency. These include the following: 

  • Look- Locate an emergency exit near you when taking a seat to know the way to go. 
  • Listen- It’s important that you pay attention to the instructions provided by the flight attendants. Follow them carefully when exiting bearing in mind the fact that they have been trained to handle emergencies. 
  • Do only what’s important- Don’t struggle to get your baggage and put others at risk. Human well-being and life are important than everything else. Therefore, do only what’s good for you and other passengers because you can replace your possessions. 

The most important thing during an airplane emergency is human life. Therefore, focus on ensuring that you exit the plane safely and quickly without doing anything that can put the lives of other passengers at risk.